FFF is a project aimed at engaging young people in sports as a means of channelling their energy in the right direction. Our immediate goal is to deliver a donation of over 1000 Soccer balls from the United States to young people across Nigeria worth over 3 million Naira.

FFF is a project founded by Sam Eaton, a 16 year old football player currently living in Concord, MA, in collaboration with Joint Initiative for Development. It is a project targeted at development of the grassroots, by using sports, particularly soccer as a medium to engage youths in more productive endeavors that promote unity and dedication both in the individual and community.

We will be hosting several drop-offs throughout the spring and into next fall and potentially beyond in hopes that we can collect soccer balls and cleats in the hopes of transporting the soccer balls to Nigeria, where they will be donated to several schools across the nation. We hope that you will be a part of this exciting and positive project!

Consider the potential of an old soccer ball sitting around and make an effort to donate it. That old soccer ball can really make a difference in someone’s life.

Look out for information on updates, events and news on everything FFF!

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