Futball For The Future (FFF) was inspired by Sam Eaton, a 16 year old student and futball player currently living in Concord, MA. Sam was inspired to make a difference through an activity that has had a positive influence on him. His mission is to make it possible for other young people to enjoy the sport that he loves so much.

Sam is a member of a futball team at Concord-Carlisle High School, MA. Together with his 7 teammates, he is passionate about empowering young people like himself. They share a same common goal to change lives through soccer. It is through the support of his teammates that the soccer balls will be collected for donation.

With his teammates, Sam has begun hosting several drop-offs throughout the spring and into next fall and potentially beyond in hopes that he can collect soccer balls and cleats in the hopes of transporting the soccer balls to Nigeria, where they will be donated to several schools across the nation.